Dr. Joe Allison, one of the marching arts’ most respected and experienced judges, has brought his expertise together with Tim Hinton of the Marching Roundtable to create an innovative new series of online courses offering Judges Training and Assessment Education for everyone interested in the marching arts. Start any time and work at your own pace in your spare time.

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For Aspiring and Experienced Judges: “The Foundations of Pageantry Arts Assessment.” Each student interacts with a mentor who is a master judge! This is an in-depth study of the basics of Understanding Achievement, Assigning Scores, Historical Background, and Recording Commentary.

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For Graduates of Level One: “Advanced Techniques of Adjudication for Pageantry Arts.” Our graduate level course with in-depth study of the judging sheets and terminology used by adjudicators. Study the Music captions, Visual captions, or both, with options to Major or Minor in each.

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The best way for contest promoters to find a judge, and for judges to be found! All graduates of the Judges Academy are listed here, alongside master judges in our activity. Boost your career with inclusion in this elite listing! Contest promoters should use this resource to find judges with great training!

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Directors, instructors, designers, administrators, parents, fans and marchers benefit from this streamlined version of the Judges Academy coursework, learning how their groups will be assessed, how the judging process works, what judges are looking for, and ways to teach and design for greater success.

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How Color Gaurd is Judged and Designed and Taught Judges Academy

This two-hour course explains how Movement, Equipment, Design and Effect are typically judged in color guard performances. Great information for instructors, designers and adjudicators.

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Judges Academy Logo Shield Critiques Greater Success for Instructors and Judges

Judges Academy Critiques Greater Success for Instructors and Judges Text

This one hour course gives practical advice on making the most of this opportunity. It’s a collaborative process but instructors and judges must know how to play their part!


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Texas Judges Training

The Texas Area and State Marching Band Judges Training is a 3 to 4 hour course that costs only $25. Developed by the Judges Academy in consultation with the Texas Music Adjudicators Association.

Learn the Texas System and improve your skills.

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Our Motto is: Education for All!

One accessible system of curriculum and training for everyone wishing to develop their skills!

The Judges Academy is an engaging and practical interactive course of study designed to make a difference for any individual seriously interested in becoming a trained and marketable judge, regardless of an individual’s level of prior experience. It’s also for any non-judge wanting to be more successful by understanding how the judging system works and how their shows will be assessed.

Aspiring Judges will receive training and instruction on the assessment skills they need to get hired and succeed in the world of judging competitive marching units. Get More Info…

Active Judges have access to a uniform and structured set of established tools to improve their skills and make them more attractive to potential employers and more effective for the competitors. Get More Info…

Directors and Designers have a unique opportunity to be educated about the assessment process and how it works so they can learn skills to improve their chances for competitive success. Get More Info…

Instructors will find that the training gives them a chance to improve their understanding of what judges look and listen for, enabling them to prepare their performers more effectively for competition. Get More Info…

Parents and Spectators will be able to learn and understand the philosophy and mechanics of the assessment process, increasing their appreciation of both judges and performers. Get More Info…


Collaborative Partnership

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CSJA members have the opportunity to get additional training at the Judges Academy, and Academy Graduates can be fast-tracked for CSJA Membership.

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