Marching Round Table Judges AcademyCommon wisdom in the competitive marching community says that judging is a mystical task reserved only to those who possess unique intuition for art form. The long-established approach to selecting judges has been to find people who have previously established themselves as successful directors, instructors, performers or designers. Paradoxically, both specific empirical research and practical experience reveal that this accepted process is not reliable. Further, formal studies suggest that the requisite assessment techniques are largely unrelated to a prospective judge’s previous experiences, regardless of the level of accomplishment they have enjoyed in related activities!

There is not (nor has there ever been) a comprehensive system to train and educate current and future judges in the specific tasks and processes that are fundamental to their task. While the multitudes of sponsoring institutions (large and small) seek to hire reputable judging personnel, there has been no established mechanism to facilitate that goal. Simply put, there is no “Angie’s List” of candidates for the literally thousands of positions needed to staff our events.

The list of practical factors judges must contend with to function is a lengthy one. They labor in a wide range of stadium conditions, weather, and accommodations. They must deal with different scoring systems, diverse approaches and priorities among the different regions of the country, extremely diverse philosophies of show design and programming, widely varying levels of performance among the units, and shifting assessment criteria.

The Marching Roundtable’s approach to this complex predicament?

Education For All!

One accessible system of curriculum and training for anyone and everyone wishing to develop their skills!

The Marching Roundtable Judges Academy is an engaging and practical interactive course of study designed to make a difference for any individual seriously interested in becoming a trained and marketable judge, regardless of an individual’s level of prior experience.

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