Over several years, Dr. Joe Allison participated in discussions with colleagues concerning a need for available judge training opportunities in the pageantry activity. Specifically there appeared to be a gap between the number of trained individuals in the high school band community and an increasing number of competitions.  Additionally, more state-level associations are adopting competition rubrics for their events at an impressive rate.  These and other developments (including winter activities) have furthered the gap between the number of trained judges and the demand for them.  Several possibilities for creating a form of educationally-based assessment curriculum were discussed to fulfill a recognized need..

February 2011
Four friends start The Marching Roundtable, a podcast and resource about all aspects of the marching arts. As part of the team, Dr. Allison encourages the discussion of judging topics and recognition of the judging community as an important part of the podcast discussions and resources.  The Roundtable Team is Tim Hinton, Dr. Joe Allison, John Bogenschutz, and Mary White.

Summer, 2013
Top adjudicator Eric Sabach and Allison discuss the feasibility of an online course of judges training which the student could take in their own free time and where top judges could help aspiring judges learn the fundamentals of being a good judge and where experienced judges could improve their skills.

August 2013
Eric Sabach and Dr. Allison bring the online judges training idea to Tim Hinton with the idea to use the Marching Roundtable as the platform to bring this idea to life. Work is started on developing the idea and exploring ways to actually make such judges training system a reality. The name “Marching Roundtable Judges Academy” is agreed upon.

September 2013
Dr. Allison procures the support and involvement of the Advisory Board. The Academy team is thrilled that such talented and high profile educators and music professionals are all immediately willing to support and help with the Academy project.

November 2013
Eric’s work commitments force him to withdraw from further development, but Dr. Allison and Tim Hinton continue their work in developing the coursework. Dr. Allison begins with existing presentation materials from the past and expands the outline and content of the course into a logical sequence. Tim assumes management of the project and learns to create videos using Camtasia.  He and Dr. Allison begin recording discussions about the material which will be the audio portions of the videos used in the course. They use Audacity to record their audio, along with the recording system already in place to create podcasts. Ellis Benus, suggested by Eric upon his departure from the project, is used to create the website. Ellis begins the enormous task of creating a very complex website and proves to be hugely patient, great to work with, and completely invaluable to the project.

January 2014
Hunter Bown joins the team to coordinate social media, advertising, and relations with existing music and marching organizations.

March 2014
The beta version of the course goes live with the first test students.  The valuable input and reactions from these students helps the team to improve and adjust the course in important ways.

May 2014
The Marching Roundtable Judges Academy goes live to all students. Work continues on Level Two Coursework creation.