Critiques: Greater Success for Instructors and Judges

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This one-hour course explains why critiques are so valuable, what instructors should do to get the most from this opportunity, and how judges can be of the most assistance in the process.  Expert adjudicators and instructors J.R. Carlisle and Dr. Joe Allison have an interesting conversations about this, then we share examples of both good and bad critiques.  Concrete instruction that could transform your season and your career!

Tuition is only $25 for the individual

A director can gain access for themselves and their entire staff for only $75.  Methods of payment accepted are credit card, debit card, or school purchase order.  Each person can use the course materials for 4 weeks after registration. Many directors have had their school or band program pay for the course as discipline-specific professional development. Just supply the names and email addresses of your staff when registering. Get your entire team on same page and have your most successful season ever!

(NOTE: CIPA members will have access to these course materials through the CIPA website.  Contact J.R. Carlisle for more info.)


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What’s in this course?

Dr Joe Allison and J.R. Carlisle Critiques Greater Success for Instructors and Judges Marching Roundtable Judges AcademyJ.R. Carlisle and Dr. Joe Allison explain how to make the most of this opportunity.

Topics include:

  • Why critiques are valuable
  • The critique is for the Instructor
  • How to be prepared to make the most of the time you have
  • How Judges can be of the most assistance
  • Video examples of good critiques….and bad!

Sample the Coursework: