1. When does the course begin?

Students can begin The Judges Academy or Judging Demystified at any time. You work at your own pace in your own spare time.

2. How much does it cost?

The course tuition for the Judges Academy Level One is $500. The tuition cost for Judging Demystified is $120 for the individual, though a director can sign up themselves and their entire staff for only $495.

3. Who are the mentors?

You can find the names and bios of our mentors on our Mentors Page.

4. Can I choose which mentor I have?

Mentors for Level One coursework are randomly assigned but sometimes requests for certain mentors can be accommodated. Contact Tim at Tim@JudgesAcademy.com with a special request. All mentors are highly respected and renowned judges with many years of experience in our activity.

5. I’ve never taken an online course. How does it work?

We explain how easy the course is to use and navigate in the Judges Academy Sample Coursework which includes examples of what many of the videos look like in the course. It’s a great way to sample the look and feel of the Academy!

6. How long does the Judges Academy Level One course take to complete?

Most students have finished the course in 3 to 6 weeks, working in their spare time. The speed at which you complete the course would depend on the amount of time you have to spend. The course is designed so that you can work at your own pace, doing as much or as little at one sitting as you desire. Many students find it best to spend some longer sessions at a time for continuity. Most videos are followed by an assessment or activity, so we suggest you complete these in pairs. The length of time of each unit and module is included to help you plan your time.

7. Why don’t I get a green polo shirt upon completion of level one?

We decided that although all graduates of the first level of coursework will have a great understanding of the assessment process and be much better equipped to do a great job judging, we are saving the special green shirts for students who have completed Level Two. Level One graduates receive the cool white polo shirt.

8. What’s up with that artwork on the wall behind Joe and Tim in those videos?

Tim is a gym guy and his partner, Lee, is an artist. Lee did this artwork for Tim’s office as inspiration for his workouts. Lee’s art is used extensively throughout the coursework.  Visit Lee’s Website

9. How does Tim eat with that enormous goatee?

Some things are worth the trouble.