Judging Demystified Course Outline

Module 1 START HERE!
Unit 1 JD: START HERE! Introduction and Procedures
Module 2 JD: An Awesome Responsibility
Unit 1 JD: Why Judge?
Unit 2 JD: Requisite Assets
Unit 3 JD: Requisite Assets Activity
Unit 4 JD: Roles of the Evaluator
Module 3 JD: The Scoresheets
Unit 1 JD: Scoresheets - Introduction
Unit 2 JD: The Music Scoresheets
Unit 3 JD: The Visual Scoresheets
Unit 4 JD: The Music and Visual Scoresheets Assessment
Unit 5 JD: The Percussion Scoresheets
Unit 6 JD: The Color Guard Scoresheets
Unit 7 JD: The Percussion and Color Guard Scoresheets Assessment
Module 4 JD: Historical Background
Unit 1 JD: Chronology
Unit 2 JD: Competitive Assessment Scoring Philosophy
Unit 3 JD: Historical Background Assessment
Module 5 JD: The Principle & Process of Achievement
Unit 1 JD: Premise, Pt. 1
Unit 2 JD: Gym Fun Assessment
Unit 3 JD: Premise Pt. 2: What you do / How you do it
Unit 4 JD: "What & How" Assessment
Unit 5 JD: Premise, Pt. 3: Three Guidelines
Unit 6 JD: "Three Guidelines" Assessment
Unit 7 JD: Practical Application of the What and How
Unit 8 JD: Resources about the What and How
Module 6 JD: The Process of Assigning Scores
Unit 1 JD: Intro to Assigning Scores
Unit 2 JD: Intro to Assigning Scores Assessment
Unit 3 JD: Variables of Scoring
Unit 4 JD: Variables of Scoring Assessment
Unit 5 JD: Impression - Analysis - Comparison Model
Unit 6 JD: Impression-Analysis-Comparison Art Activity
Unit 7 JD: Summary: The Process of Assigning Scores
Unit 8 JD: The Process of Assigning Scores Activity
Module 7 JD: Recording Commentary
Unit 1 JD: The Power of Delivery
Unit 2 JD: Dialogue
Module 8 JD: Epilogue
Unit 1 JD: Epilogue
Unit 2 JD: Feedback