Level One is for Aspiring and Experienced Judges.

“The Foundations of Pageantry Arts Assessment” is an in-depth study of the basics of Historical Background, Understanding Achievement, Assigning Scores, and Recording Commentary.

Start any time, work at your own pace in your spare time, and be paired with a mentor who is a master judge in our activity! You’ll interact with your mentor at least 10 times during the course, getting personal attention and feedback.

The course tuition for Level One is $500. Five hundred dollars is a serious amount, and this is a serious course-of-study. The educational “bona-fides” of the curriculum are in order, and you can use this course for college and re-certification credits. Consider it an investment in you, your career, and your future! You can also consider it an investment in our activity! A judge can recoup the tuition with one or two good judging jobs, and tuition can be paid in one lump sum or in monthly installments. (Monthly installments are $125 up front and then 4 monthly payments of $93.75.)


Still not sure? Take a 30 second quiz:

  • As a Judge:
    1. Do you want to adjudicate with great confidence, assured of your assessment knowledge and training to do a great job?
    2. Does it matter that you can pay back the course tuition with one or two judging jobs?
    3. Would you like to be registered in a national judging directory where contest directors can find and contact you to be hired as a judge?
    4. Do you want to learn about numbers management so that you can confidently assign numbers to all groups, no matter how many you see in a contest?
  • Designers:
    1. Do you see that this information also helps you to design more effective and ”sheet-friendly” shows?
    2. Are you convinced that having a clear understanding the actual judging process will empower you to design more effectively?
    3. Do you want to be able to explain clearly to your clients how they will be assessed by the judges?
    4. Joe says “It’s not about reality, it’s about perception.” Would you like to know how your work will be perceived by judges, through the lens of the judge and system?
  • Directors and Instructors:
    1. Are you aware that this curriculum helps focus your instruction toward efficient, ”sheet-friendly” performances from students?
    2. Are you convinced that having a clear understanding the judge’s assessment process will help you and the students to concentrate on rehearsal behaviors actually perceived and rewarded in competition?
    3. Is it important enough to you to be able to explain clearly and directly to your students how they will be evaluated by the judges?
  • Parents / Spectators:
    1. Do you want to relate to and enjoy the shows you watch more?
    2. Do you want to leave a competition with a better idea of the competitive results, rather than feeling mystified at how the groups ranked?
    3. Is important to you to understand how/why the judges are not evaluating the students or the entire program as individuals or summatively, but rather reacting to the design and performance levels?
    4. Do you want to be able to contribute to the education and enjoyment of your fellow parents and spectators, particularly when they are confused/frustrated about how the groups are judged?