Advanced Techniques of Adjudication for Pageantry Arts

For Graduates of Level One

This is our graduate level course with in-depth study of the judging sheets and terminology used by adjudicators.

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Study the Music captions:

Music Field
Music Ensemble
Music General Effect

Study the Visual captions:

Visual Field
Visual Ensemble
Visual General Effect

We discuss every bullet point, every concept and all terminology used on each sheet.
Students may sign up for Music only, Visual only, or Both. You can also “minor” in an area by taking the coursework but not completing the final Capstone Project.


How to Register:

Graduates of Level One will find a button in Academy Central which will take them to more information and to the registration page. There are five different ways to take the course, and three tuition levels, so please go to this page for a thorough explanation.

Blaine, Level Two Student:

“Visual Field was great! It had every bit of information I needed. I literally have 28 front/back pages of notes for just Visual Field. I also judged that caption this past fall, so I was super anxious to get from unit to unit because I wanted to better myself for this upcoming fall season. I’m loving every bit of Level Two.”

Podcast about Level Two:

Judges Academy Level Two