Level 2


Advanced Techniques of Adjudication for Pageantry Arts

This is an in-depth study of the judging sheets and terminology used by adjudicators.  Course tuition is now only $349 and includes access to both Music and Visual courses.  This course is now self-directed.  There is no mentor interaction, no inclusion in Judges Registry, and no college credit from VanderCook.  There IS all of the great information and knowledge that will help you be a better adjudicator and begin each judging job with confidence.


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Study the Music captions:

Music Field
Music Ensemble
Music General Effect



Study the Visual captions:

Visual Field
Visual Ensemble
Visual General Effect



We discuss every bullet point, every concept and all terminology used on each sheet.




How to Register:

Graduates of Level One will find a button in Academy Central which will take them to more information and to the registration page.