Marching Band Amplification & Electronics Survey 2017


Marching Band Amplification & Electronics Survey 2017 logoThis survey is intended to focus on the use of electronic devices and techniques in adjudicated high school marching band events. Solicited respondents are members of the “band community”: directors, studio teachers, performers, educators, volunteers, spectators, etc. – people whose experience in band goes beyond the football field.

This survey is the first step in a study devoted to the implementation of electrically-driven sound reinforcement and synthetic sound-sources, specifically in the North American competitive high school band community. Please note that the project is not directed toward the competitive drum corps activity, primarily due to the tangential relationship of that community to the primarily scholastic objectives of school band programs.

The project is being supervised by Dr. Joseph Allison of the Eastern Kentucky University School of Music. The intent of this initial phase, “Community Survey” is to establish the level and depth of understanding of “band centric” individuals as applied to this highly-specific area of high school marching band competitions. The survey should take approximately ten (10) minutes, and questions that do not apply to respondents may be omitted without issue.

Subsequent events in this project include:

• An analysis of this Community Survey of “band centric” populations for purpose of addressing “gaps” in the understanding of contemporary trends, including
• Essays and articles examining current uses of A&E from a technical standpoint
• Articles and presentations discussing the implementation of A&E methods from a pedagogical standpoint
• Essays and presentations examining A&E from a philosophical perspective
• Materials examining A&E from a financial point-of-view

A&E Task-Force Consortium:

The following organizations are both endorsing and participating in the administration of this project:
Judges Academy, Joseph Allison, Curriculum Specialist
National Band Association, Scott Casagrande, President
National Association for Music Education, John Lewis Miller, Band Council Chair
American Bandmasters Association School Bands Committee, Tim Rhea, President, Roy C. Holder, School Bands Chair
John Philip Sousa Foundation, Col. Lowell E. Graham, President
College Band Directors National Association, Richard Clary, President
American School Band Directors Association, Val Gaffney President

As you complete the survey, if you feel you have no opinion or familiarity with specific questions, you may choose “I do not feel I have adequate knowledge in this area to based an opinion”.