Marching Roundtable Judges Registry

The Judges Academy presents the best way to locate and contact judges for your contest. We’re proud to list graduates of our Judges Academy coursework, plus master judges in our activity. An easy and trustworthy way to find judges with training and expertise!
The Judges Registry!

Judges Registry 2015 LINK

Visit the Judges Registry

If you are already a master judge and would like to be included in the Judges Registry, contact Dr. Joe Allison at

Graduates of the Judges Academy coursework have a great way to be found by contest promoters!

Contest promoters should use this resource to find judges with great training! You can search by caption, location, student level, or name.

A podcast about the Judges Registry: The Judges Registry has Launched!

Those already listed in the Judges Registry can find information about Recertification and staying in the Registry HERE.