In our attempt to assist band director associations and band director conferences with training of adjudicators of marching band events and other marching arts activities, we offer this information for distribution.

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Press Release: The Marching Roundtable Judges Academy

The Marching Roundtable Judges Academy is an online, self-directed course of assessment education. Master judge Dr. Joe Allison and Tim Hinton of the Marching Roundtable have created coursework providing basic and advanced training for judges at all levels of experience in the pageantry activities. The intended participants are band directors, their administrators, designers, instructors, support groups and those interested in becoming judges.

As the number of year-round pageantry arts competitions continues to steadily grow each year, the number of qualified and trained judges available for these events has not kept pace. The Judges Academy will provide a way for adjudicators to get the training they need to judge with knowledge and confidence, and provide better experiences for all students, educators, and families involved in our activity. To achieve its goal, the Judges Academy provides basic and advanced training for judges at all levels of experience in the pageantry activities. The curriculum is beneficial to anyone involved in any role in the activity: judges, instructors, spectators, educational administrators, and performers!

Where Do I Sign Up?

Registration for the Level 1 course is available at

Immediate course openings are available.

Tuition for the Level 1 course is comparable to other online and college courses at $500.

What Will I Learn?

The coursework provides an overview and introduction to the assessment process and explains principles and techniques that any judge should use to effectively and consistently assess any kind of unit.

The coursework is divided into two levels:

  1. Level 1, Foundations of Pageantry Arts Assessment
  2. Level 2, Advanced Techniques of Adjudication for Pageantry Arts.

The Level One coursework provides instruction on topics including:

  • How to determine scores, including a discussion on ranking vs. rating
  • How to measure achievement
  • How to provide proper commentary for recordings
  • Basic judging philosophy

The Level Two coursework

The Level Two coursework, available soon, will include specific advanced instruction in Music and Visual captions.

Master Judge Mentors

Each participant is assigned a mentor who is a master judge in the pageantry arts. Mentors Dr. Joe Allison, Wayne Markworth, Ken Snoeck, and Jackie Gilley interact with and evaluate participants to help them understand these basic skills and principles of judging.

Many of the pageantry arts’ most experienced icons have agreed to lend their talents to the Judges Academy by serving as content creators, mentors and/or serving on its Board of Advisors, including: Dr. Joe Allison, Tim Hinton, Greg Bimm, Michael Gaines, Bob Buckner, Dr. Harry Bulow, Dr. Dorie Combs, Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Bob Morrison, Dr. John Wade, Alfred Watkins, Wayne Markworth, Ken Snoeck and other experts in the marching arts.